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Use the Common Voice Pledge in your religious services or other activities to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic and to encourage action to bring it to an end.

There are a wide variety of ways to include the Common Voice Pledge in a religious service.  It can simply be read, either by the leaders or by the leaders and members together.  Specific portions can be used as topics for sermons or homilies, or as the starting point for group discussions.

We offer two specific ways of using the pledge

We welcome your suggestions and contributions about other ways to include the Common Voice Pledge in religious activities.

This responsive reading includes selected portions of the Common Voice Pledge.  It may be used when appropriate in religious services and can also be used to engage participants during other religious activities.

Responsive Reading

of Selected Portions






Resonsive Reading

Responsive Reading Video

An interactive video for sharing the experience with others around the world. This video gives participants an opportunity to share in the global Common Voice Pledge experience. The video includes selected portions of the Common Voice Pledge, with parts read by global leaders, parts read by local leaders, and parts read by participants.

Download the Leader's Guide

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